Corporate profile

Since 1964, NACO is one of the most outstanding brands globally for hi-performance public architecture level design sunbreaker systems.

The company’s valuable know-how assets attracted new investments by world-leading industrial machinery manufacturer CTI FoodTech, which allowed to boost its market potential under the new joint-venture name NACOTech. The founding family still heads the company through Managing Director Marco Maron, who will follow the strategic directions set by his father Claudio.

NACOTech: The art of sun and air control

Our products

Wood Line

The Wood Line consists of adjustable shutter mechanism systems for wooden blades.


Sunbreaker system

The primary purpose of sunbreaker systems is to screen glass surfaces, preventing direct sunrays from entering the living environment. The s...


Glass Line

The Glass Line consists of adjustable louvre window systems for glass blades.


Sun powered sunbreaker systems

Sun powered sunbreaker systems combine the functions of a traditional sunbreaker with solar energy production. This happens through the aid of photovoltaic sun powered panels built in the sunbreaker frame.

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